About Me

I'm a Deputy Subject Librarian at Swansea University, supporting Human Sciences, Business & Economics & Criminology. I've had this role since Feb 2011 - before that I worked for JISC RSC Wales as an E-Learning Advisor specializing in Learning Resources, before THAT I was Electronic Resources Librarian at UWIC (now CMU). Before all of that, I had a life as a computer programmer which was a weird time as my degree and PhD were in Egyptology. Luckily, a knowledge of tekkie things and a research background both come in very handy in academic librarianship.

Outside work I grow vegetables, eat vegetables and even make cakes with vegetables. Most evenings I pretty much am a vegetable too.


I've been a student and worked at Swansea University since 1991 on and off. You won't find a finer place! And not just because of that wonderful sea view....

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