18 June 2012

Thing 7: real-life networks

This is where I fall down badly at the moment but, in my defence, I used to do a lot better... After I got my first library job I joined CILIP and the excellent CDG Wales. I became Treasurer and really enjoyed the involvement, if not so much the paperwork, accounts and quarterly tax returns! That still remains virtually my only professional experience of handling money and budgets and accounts so it was extremely valuable and something I'd whole-heartedly recommend. I resigned when I went off on maternity leave and I'm sad to say I have not rejoined CILIP or CDG Wales since returning. No reflection on them - just on my own priorities and lack of time. Where once I used to do work stuff, I now volunteer with the Troserch Woods Society - our local community woodland association. I'm currently setting up some social media for them and also sorting out their archive of paperwork.

Having said that, this month is turning out to be my real-life network month: I went to Gregynog, our famous Welsh HE librarians conference, and then this week I am also going to my first ALIS Wales meeting in Cardiff. I shall try and make these excursions a bit more regular!

PS This book looks very useful!


  1. Good work on the woods organisation, very worthwhile! How did your talk at Gregynog go? Is it available online/Slideshare/Youtube etc? :-)

    1. Gregynog was OK I hope! People said nice things...

      I'm waiting for the official channel to post it up (they haven't asked for it yet) but I also intend to blog about it & put on Slideshare either this week or next.

  2. Shame I missed your Gregynog talk this year! I'll look forward to the virutal version. I find my time is taken by my personal interests too - in my case the yoga, and I'm a member of two groups with that (one national, one local), so understand your position. The woods sound lovely!