12 July 2012

Thing 11: Mentoring

I had a mentor when I did my Chartership and really liked the idea of having someone who was not at my workplace and not my manager to meet with occasionally and review my progress. Since then I haven't had anyone who would quite fill that role but there are several people whose opinions I respect and advice I seek. I'm not sure I feel the need right now to seek out a general mentor - and I'm not sure who would fit that bill - but it could be answer to some specific areas I wish to develop.

One big problem I am having in my current job is my lack of cataloguing experience combined with a lack of any cataloguing procedures. It's kind of assumed we all know what we're doing and, whilst I can slowly and laboriously try to work out the right answers, I'd love to be sure of what I'm doing and speed up a bit! It occurred to me that having a cataloguing mentor may be an answer to this - someone who can explain and check my work occasionally so I can rest easy that I'm making progress. I'd also like to engage in evidence based research over the next few years - again, this would be a good area to find a mentor for advice and guidance. 

Mentor needed: to help me accept the things I cannot change....

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