20 June 2013

MOOC Week 3 - Return to Sender

This was the week the MOOC (temporarily) crashed and burned for me. I did the readings, videos and quiz but failed to submit an assignment. This is sort of OK - you only need to complete 2 to pass the studio track - but I had intended to do them all as doing the art is the reason I'm doing the MOOC. The cause of failure was primarily lack of time - the whole weekend was taken up with (very welcome) visitors and a music festival and the week before had been busy too.

I think it was also a slight lack of enthusiasm / direction. This week's topic was Mail Art - interesting as an idea, but not life-changing. I'd never heard of any of the artists being discussed and although I looked at their work and other people's, I didn't really come away understanding the motivation for it. Actually, I didn't read the Wikipedia article and that may have explained it better than the readings we were provided with :o/ (you don't get any further reading recommendations). Pinterest and Flickr come into their own as visual resources for this kind of topic. The assignment was also pretty vague ("Memory") and I didn't come up with an idea that grabbed me like the last one but - hey - that's my failing.

We did get our peer review feedback from the previous week's assignment. I was pretty pleased with mine although there were a couple of comments I felt I wanted to respond to but couldn't (as it's anonymous). Not to whinge, just to discuss. I enjoyed doing peer review but felt very inexpert on judging someone else's work against the rubric we were given. From the forum posts, some people were pretty insulted by some of the feedback they got. There has been a confusion as well about whether you can do digital art which didn't help.

I'm back on track this week...so far...

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