11 May 2012

Getting Published: Session for Postgrads

The highlight of this week was our fully-booked session for postgrads on Getting Published. I felt a little out of my depth in this one as I've not done it before and I have zero publications to my name. Luckily we had a fantastic academic come along to give his experiences of the whole process along with plenty of tips and advice. Quite rightly, he got highly praised in the evaluations. You can't beat hearing from someone who's actually done what you're trying to do. (I'm trying not to harbour a sense of abject failure that I never published anything from my PhD!)

The librarians then covered the following:

  • Where to publish? Included a hands-on looking at Journal Citation Reports and Scimago / Scopus.
  • Open Access (my bit) - a quick overview with some useful resources
  • Copyright: including making sure you look after your own Intellectual Property and also not infringing anyone elses...
My bit was a little tricky as our institutional repository is not yet fully operational and that's kind of a cornerstone of open access. Hopefully this time next year (if we run it again) Cronfa will be all systems go.

I learnt a lot from listening to everyone and also am now fully up to date on Open Access which is useful knowledge to have. You can't beat the worry of imaginary questions to get you swotting up on something....


  1. Sounds like a great session, Sam! It's always worth remembering that getting a specialist in to cover part of a session takes away a lot of the stress.

    1. Indeed! Apart from the stress of finding a willing specialist...luckily we have one prepared to do a repeating yearly appearance.