9 May 2012

Thing 1: Blogging the start of CPD23 2012

I've been reading about CPD23 for a couple of years now and delighted I can finally take part, hopefully at the same time as everyone else as I like the idea of sharing ideas and comments and having the momentum of that to keep me going. I'm dead keen on all social media / web 2.0 and have my little set of tools I use to keep my professional life ticking along. This is my chance to think about some alternatives, to see what others are doing, to think about the bigger picture, how everything fits together, to pull everything together perhaps - and I'd like my blog to be something I keep on and use on a regular basis. Time will tell!

The other angle for me is that I believe we should be able to educate our students (and staff) in how to use all this kind of stuff - it's all part of Digital Literacy, having the skills for 21st Century living, making sure they know how to use some handy little tools to make life/work/study easier or more fun. Doing CPD23 will be a great opportunity to be a student myself and I hope to learn a lot from that too!

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  1. I'd definitely like my blog to become more than just a cpd23 thing. I think it would be very useful professionally (and also because my memory is terrible) to have a place where I can record my experiences and reflections. Totally agree with the idea of knowing how to use social media so we can be confident teaching it. Part of my motivation to start a blog was simply that I've never tried one, so how can I know what it's actually like till I try? I'm looking forward to finding out more as the course progresses :-)