9 May 2012

Thing 2: Being a Social Blogger

It's POURING here in Swansea this afternoon!
Well I soon discovered I could spend all afternoon happily reading all the CPD23 blogs...had to rein myself in! I'm not usually much of a commenter unless there seems something that glaringly needs to be said but I enjoyed feeling part of the CPD23 community so therefore with a licence to be a bit more chatty.

My most useful finding was courtesy of Veggie Haggis who shared the 12 blogging mistakes to avoid post. These struck me as extremely sensible suggestions and I'll try to take note...
I soon realised I ought to set up my Blogger profile properly to be public so I've done that now too.


  1. Hi Sam
    Good to see you here as well. I've got my delicious tags corrected now and am working on my 2nd blog post - but doesn't it eat into your time!

  2. Hello Sam.
    Tell me, I am really curious to know where the term 'green stone librarian' comes from?
    Look forward to following your blog.

  3. Hi Lindsay - have now added pic of the Green Stone! I bought it years ago in the Lake District from a touristy tat shop and I wear it almost every day. It goes with everything and it's become a kind of talisman. No idea what it's actually made of tho...

  4. Hi Sam
    Your green stone necklace looks like a nice slice of lime!
    You'll see I've signed up to this malarky too - have already broken a golden rule that I set by doing bits on it at home last night. And then having a dream about social media and how it changes the way you communicate with people. Honestly! Will see you soon I hope

  5. Hi Sam

    Good to find another librarian/Egyptologist - there aren't that many of us about! I studied in the Classics Dept at Swansea many years ago so have happy memories of the Library there.
    Was interested to read about your publishing session as it's the kind of thing we run for our researchers. Do you find the audience is mainly early career researchers or is the pressure of the REF bringing in the more senior ones too?

    1. Wow I'm so glad to hear from another librarian / Egyptologist! I did my postgrad at Swansea - were you taught by the great Prof Lloyd? I still see him around campus but he's retired now.

      Our session was part of the Postgraduate Research programme so mostly early career people. I'd have been even more nervous if it had been staff too...

    2. Good to hear Alan Lloyd is still at large on campus - he was quite a legend!

      Sounds like you're doing some interesting stuff at Swansea with researchers - will be interested to see how your ereputation sessions develop.