16 May 2012

Thing 3: Personal Brand

The whole personal brand thing seems unavoidable so I'm not going to quibble it. What I've not thought through is what exactly I'd want to convey...something to think about on the walk/drive home tonight.

I've done a bit of Googling myself but I'm confused - presuming that Google is "personalizing" my results in its own particularly irritating way, I'm guessing what I see may not be what you see? A quick Google using a different browser where I'm not logged in gave different results... I try to keep up with Google's tricksy goings-on by reading Karen Blakeman's excellent blog, for example this post here.

Anyway, my Google Profile came up for me before anything else so I've just done a bit of tidying up on that. I didn't realise replies on Ask Cymru were on the web but one of mine comes up. Twitter links feature quite heavily too, as does LinkedIn which I really need to revisit as I'm still not totally sure what I'm doing on there. Some links come up from a local history website I did a few years back on the road in Swansea where I used to live and which I'd pretty much forgotten about! This blog comes up on page 4 - not bad for two weeks old I suppose!

Checking images specifically, the first one of me is an old one from the RSC Wales blog I used to maintain but I guess there's no harm in that - at least I'm younger and smiling. It was also rather nice to find some more old pics from my RSC Wales days - that was quite a visible role and we got out and about a lot so I guess the evidence will linger on for a while.

My conclusion is that there's not much I'm bothered about people seeing but I'm not really presenting any kind of coherent online presence. I'm pretty new to this so maybe I'll try again in a year's time and see how I fare then?

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